Annika in a Nutshell

  • Canadian Junior National Team
  • National Team Development Centre Thunder Bay
  • Hometown: Vancouver, BC
  • Homeclub: Hollyburn
  • Training in: Thunder Bay, ON
  • Part-time Geology student
  • Fast and Female Ambassador

My Past

In the beginning, cross country skiing was about the hot chocolate and snowball fights at the lodge. I loved to go fast and be out in front in Jackrabbits, our grassroots program. My first coach at Hollyburn recommended me to the race team and I was hooked!

I participated in many sports growing up:

  • 8 years of gymnastics
    Fun fact: I can still do a front handspring! Sadly, my splits are long gone.
  • 8 years of XC running (grade 4-12)
  • Field Hockey and volleyball were my team sports.
  • I dabbled in Irish dance for a short bit.
  • And of course, I cross country skied! (Downhill skiing often entailed crashing into trees)

My Present

I am entering my second year as an NTDC Tbay athlete! I have an incredible team behind me here in Thunder Bay, with awesome coaching, support staff and teammates. I am training for the 2017-2018 race season with my main goal of racing in red and white in Switzerland at World Junior Championships.

This training season you’ll find me roller skiing, making gains at the gym, pushing my limits in intervals and napping. Oh, and probably drinking a lot of coffee…

My Future

With the right combination of years of work, coaching, a teeny bit of luck, mountains of support from my loved ones and my own drive, determination and grit, I see World Cups and the Olympics. It is still a bit hazy but those big goals are there, on the horizon…

Notable Results/Accomplishments

  • Junior National Ski Team Athlete since 2016
  • National Talent Squad Athlete 2015-2016
  • PetroCanada FACE Grant Recipient 2016
  • Youth Olympian, 2016 Lillehammer Youth Olympic Games
  • BC Ski Team Athlete 2013-present
  • Represented Canada at World Junior Championships in Park City, Utah 2017
  • 10 National Championships Medals
  • 52nd World Cup Finals 2017
  • 41st World Junior Championships 2017
  • 3rd US Nationals 2017
  • 1st Junior Canadian National Championships 2017 (3x)
  • 6th Senior Canadian National Championships 2017