Keeping it Fresh

Sometimes being a full-time athlete makes it hard to fit other things in.

Now, I realize that the former is a very general statement as is the word “things”. But, personally, I sometimes find it challenging to fit in fun activities (aka things) amidst my 12-24 hour training weeks. My day to day revolves around working out, going to and from those workouts, recovering enough to go again in the afternoon plus I have to fit in responsible adult stuff like errands, school and work.

Running at Deception Pass in April with Evan

Basically, it can be really difficult to fit in other extracurriculars when all is said and done. Awesome activities like camping are put to the wayside because it cuts into my training hours and even trips home can unfortunately take a back seat in the drive to eat, sleep and train.

A big goal of mine going forward is to be more balanced. The training centre worked with one of the local clubs in July, putting on a goal setting session where Angus gave a really good example of how to set goals in the form of a math problem.

Here’s the problem: If x and y are natural numbers and x+y=3, then find the sum of x and y.

Lucking out with the camping weather in Kalaloch

I sure hope you said 1 and 2 even if math is not your strong point 🙂

To reach three, this is what I plan to do:

1. Crush each training block with focus and intent

2. Have a set “fun/different/refreshing thing” to look forward to at the end of the block

3. More balanced (and happier) Annika

DSCN3575 2
Happy Happy Camper

This year has been going well so far in terms of balance. From the beginning of our season in May until our first rest week in June, I worked on coming back from a tough race season. I got my base line fitness back after taking my biggest break  in several years. I did my goal setting for the year and completed my first round of testing. When the block was over, I went canoe camping!

It was an awesome 3 days of spending some quality time with Evan, the sun and mother nature. We didn’t even see another person out there! I came back refreshed and recharged, very ready for my next block of training.

No one in sight!

We had our 2nd annual Canada Day rollerski race which I won in some very Vancouver-like rainy weather. Then came some other fun intensities like 3km Uphill, an Erg Test and Matterhorn Madness (skiers are crazy, I know). Then I did some volume and wrapped it up with an awesome visit to Vancouver! Saw lots of friends, ate a lot of ice cream and enjoyed my first summer nights in Van since moving out.

Fun 90km ride with the Fam

Next up on the plan is the biggest volume block of the year which the team and I are spending in Ottawa/Chelsea area training with CNEPH, Nakkertok and several other clubs. It’s been awesome to put in some big hours out of town and be super focused on training and recovering. I have almost made it through my biggest week of the year (4 more hours to go…) and have one more week of volume before I get to rest.

My “refreshing” goal for that recovery week is to do at least one mountain bike session to keep my workouts light and a bit different. After that it’s back to school and into our fall testing! I’m looking forward to seeing how the body responds after a summer of hard training 🙂

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  1. Shelley Woodman says:

    excellent sweetie! Xo mom



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