Back to the Future

I started this blog about a year and a half ago, when I moved out in early July of 2016. It’s purpose was and continues to be a record of my journey and ski career. But, it is also for my mother (and other loved ones) who would definitely like to see a few more posts now and then. For whatever reason, I’ve been thinking about my goals and future goals recently (possibly because the new race season is a mere month away?).

So here is a new goal that I’ve set for myself: post more frequently because it’s something that Future Annika will enjoy looking back on. It’s rumoured that getting older means becoming more forgetful so I might need this blog to jog my memory (kidding! I think…).

For Future Annika’s sake, here’s what I’ve been up to the past couple of months.

June- was quite rainy and cold.. I could have been in Vancouver complaining about the rain, it was that coastal.

  • Training enjoyment was not great but luckily, once the weather improved so did training enjoyment.
  • Conversely, I made some major gains at the gym. Our strength coach Paul Hemsworth was key to making lifting more weight fun while still being a great workout.

July- was pretty epic.

  • NTDC Thunder Bay hosted a National Alignment Camp
  • we completed 4 maximal intensities with those in attendance (Alberta World Cup Acadamy, Team Gregg, Jr NST and a few others)
  • there was the Canada 150 rollerski race in the pouring off and on rain
  • a 3km Uphill Time trial (3 women ran a sub-13 minute 3km, myself included, which has never happened before)
  • we ran up Mount Baldy 4x in teams of 3 in a race called Matterhorn Madness
  • finally the camp ended with a classic; the 21km, 3 hour run of the Sleeping Giant.
  • My mum drove across Canada and visited!
  • She brought Fiona the Honda Fit, a incredible amount of food and taught me to drive standard in 4 days.
  • We stayed in a camp on Lake Superior and Evan joined us for 2 nights
  •  the staycation’s combined with a perfectly timed recovery week was pretty sweet

August- shenanigans included,

  • a rolled ankle
  • a “low FODMAPS” diet
  • a training camp in Grand Marais, Minnesota.
  • Plenty of swimming
  • a bit of lifeguarding and scrubbing walls to make some good ol’ moula
  • and the countdown to a new school year.

If any of you reading this are concerned with any or all of my August activities, rest assured that my ankle healed well, though I never, ever want to Erg for more than an hour again. I also concluded that I am healthier and happier without any dietary restrictions (though they were put into place temporarily to try to help). My sports bra tan and shorts tan were pretty great by the end of August too.

September’s scaries to October early snow included- 

  • CSIO testing camp in Toronto
  • a couple days at school (2 to be exact before leaving for a 3 week hiatus in..)
  • Europe (Austria, no, not Australia…)
  • approximately 60 hours of training on the Dachstein Glacier at 2500 metres
  • a LITRE of beer (no I didn’t finish it), accidentally ordered…
  • a couple of midterms about rocks/minerals and statistics
prime grooming on the Dachstein in Austria
IMG_0048 3
mid skiwalk cat therapy with Bob, Evan and Timo
IMG_1576 3
poor visibility but great skiing!

That’s right, October 29th, NTDC skied at Lappe Nordic Centre! Finger’s crossed it sticks around because I really, really, really do not want to go back to rollerskiing.

So there yah have it Mum, a good old belated blog post from your favourite daughter. But also for Future Annika…

To my older and (hopefully) wiser self, I hope that you have learned to write blog posts because you enjoy writing them and that you’ve learned to count down from 5 and commit to the decision to write the darn thing. This includes whatever other “to-do” item you need to accomplish  (like statistics assignments). I also hope that you’re shaking your head at your past self and smiling from the memories that this post brought rushing back.

See yah in the future,

(Thanks for reading!)



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