Mountain Time

Just a quick side note from my ski bubble here in Tbay; I do realise that it is August and I am writing about training in May. I’ve been on “Lake Time” for a while now and relaxing is key 🙂 Happy belated reading!

IMG_2940 2
Lots of snow at Sovereign in May!

The training season kicked off in May with a little time in the mountains, which is just what this BC girl needed. With the awesome (to us skiers anyways) amount of snow that British Columbia received this winter, Sovereign Lake in Vernon was able to open around 15 km of groomed trail well into the spring! Shout out to Mum and Dad for lending Evan and I the car to go take advantage of the trails.

IMG_2923 2
Greg, Evan and I pre-sunburns!

It was an incredible feeling to be able to do a large amount of volume right off the bat on actual skis instead of pavement. A highlight of the weekend was the low-key “race” held on the Saturday. Watch the video for some fun push-up shenanigans here. A non-highlight was my first epic sun burn of the year; altitude, sun, snow and a 4 hour ski were a bad combination. That being said, I have been diligent about wearing sunscreen ever since.

FullSizeRender 2
Always love spending time with Chloe 🙂

We spent some time in Lillooet visiting Evan’s mom on Seyton Lake and a very, very cold first swim of the year resulted. We both found ticks (I am still traumatized) in our hair after an adventure hike in which we got a little (or a lot) lost. We hit up the Scandinave Spa for some much needed R&R before heading back to Vancity.

West Coast Forest on a 2 hr run

Then I recuperated a bit more at home while Evan flew back to Tbay to work and train. The Richardson’s were kitchenless for a bit (renovations were in full swing) my time at home was just what I needed; awesome rides with Dad, long chats with Mum, mountain running and some real Vancouver sushi!

IMG_2947 2
49th Parallel on 4th Avenue is the place for coffee and donuts!

NTDC’s annual boot camp aka Testing week brought it’s own challenges with a jam packed schedule at the Canadian Sports Institue Ontario (CSIO). I did max testing on the treadmill, cranked out some erging (imagine a treadmill for double poling), had my technique analysed on the rollerski treadmill and completed personal nutrition/mental performance meetings as well as group workshops. The team flew back to Thunder Bay, where we completed the regular tests; the 3km Uphill Running TT and our 2 rollerski time trials, one in which I lost a fight with a piece of gravel and hit the ground pretty hard. All in all, it was a solid season kickoff.

Post DP time trial (not sure where the sun is at)
CSIO Crew (NTDC and Ontario Ski Team)
Seeing if I am more or less flexible this year…

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