Mirror, Mirror

Looking back on my 2016-2017 race season it’s pretty clear to me that I had my best season to date. I represented Canada on the world stage at my first World Junior Championships and at my first World Cup weekend. I won three gold medals at Nationals and achieved my first senior podium (top 6) on the Canadian Noram Circuit.

My first year on the National Team Development Centre Thunder Bay was a success thanks to an incredible set of coaches: Timo and Tim, an awesome support team and great teammates. Some non-race highlights were stopping for coffee at Triumph in Vernon, a long ski with the boys at Silverstar where many of us were pushed into the deep snowbanks and celebrating/sharing my birthday with Sadie (we had three homemade cakes!).

I have collected some photos below as a way of summarizing a busy race season from start to finish. ย Now it’s time to write down some new goals for next season (blogging more possibly?) and buckle down for some focused summer training.

Until next time,



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  1. John houck says:

    Cool stuff Ms. Richardson. Have a great summer. John h.


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