Fall Flying

When you are a little kid, your parents will oftentimes tell you that time flies. Of course, you won’t believe it then because the time until you are allowed to watch TV seems like an eternity away. As a small child you perceive time differently than you will as you grow older and I now understand exactly what my parents were talking about.

I’ve lived in Thunder Bay for 5 months now. I’ll be home for Christmas in Vancouver, in just over a month and skiing on my home trails at Hollyburn and Callaghan. Race season starts next weekend and all I can think of is that last April does not seem that long ago. Being busy makes the time fly.

I’ve survived my midterms, getting slammed with “surprise” assignments (my own fault, I was busy training in Park City, Utah) and I’ve reassessed what I want to do at university (at least temporarily). Basically, I am just trying to enjoy a healthy balance of learning by exploring a few classes that I have never considered, while skiing; training and racing full-time.

I’m pretty excited to take a Geology course this winter just to see if that might be a route I want to take! It has taken me a while to realise where I stand mentally  with school; to have fun with learning while slowly working towards an unknown degree. I am also taking a lighter course load than I initially planned.

On the training side of things, I went through another round of testing in early September and was pleased to see major improvement since NTDC’s boot camp in May. Though I had been feeling strong in training, it was concrete confirmation that my decision to move to Tbay was working out nicely.

I also attended my first alignment camp with CNEPH and AWCA in Park City, Utah in October. I managed and held my own during the 2 week volume camp at 2000+ m of elevation and let me tell you, the altitude is out to get you. I’m proud to say I only bonked once (translation: I may have run out of energy mid-workout and had to be fed a ton of bars to get going again). I trained smart and made very sure to stay in zone 1 (our endurance training pace), took many a long nap and had an awesome time.

We also got to scope out the courses at Soldier Hollow, the World Junior Trials and World Junior Championships venue this coming January and February. A bit of home field advantage over the European skiers and a significantly smaller time change at World Juniors will be pretty sweet since most of the time that is not the case!

What comes next is winter! I’ll be wearing a new suit out on the race course and be on the road for the next month and a half. I’ll make it through my calculus and physics exams with flying colours (well, at least that’s my game plan). Then I get to spend 10 days relaxing at home for Christmas, be in Park City to welcome in 2017 and be racing in Park City at World Junior Trials on my birthday! Hopefully I’ll be skiing as fast as time is flying!

Happy skiing // Wishing for snow!




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