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Last season seems like forever ago. Probably since the new season is a mere 3 months away. Recently, a video was posted by viaSport BC covering an important event from the 2015-2016 season. ViaSport is an organisation whose aim is to recognise and cover amateur sports, such as Cross Country Skiing, in British Columbia. The event they showcase is the rainy BC Championships sprint day, hosted by my wonderful home club Hollyburn in the not so lovely weather one weekend last February.

While I no longer reside in BC, (what’s up Thunder Bay!), it remains one hundred percent my home province. And I am incredibly proud and humbled by the spirit of sport the video exposes of my fellow skiing British Columbians.

In all honesty, the weekend could have been a disaster. In typical west coast fashion, it never stopped raining. Therefore, everyone was wet and cold all the time. But certainly no one was miserable! Coaches, athletes, parents and volunteers alike came together and made the race weekend memorable and fun from the atoms category up to master skiers.

In fact, BC Championships was one of my favourite race weekends last season. I think it was because I was fresh from racing at Youth Olympic Games and being able to race at home in a (relatively) low pressure race exponentially increased enjoyment after the intensity of my first international race.

Also, seeing all the younger kids, of whom I was one not so long ago, racing their biggest event yet, brought back so many memories of dressing up for relays, banquets with friends and racing in BC Champs as a kid. I was reminded of my beginnings and awed by how far I have come.

Thanks for the reminder BC, you rock!

You can watch the video here. There may even be an appearance by yours truly!





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