Exploding off the Start

The past two weeks have been full of eye openers. Much like the adrenaline rush that often hits me the millisecond that the start gun goes off in a sprint race, I feel like my “launch” out of Vancouver and into Thunder Bay has had a rather steep acceleration/learning curve. All of which means, good stories for later on in life. At least, I hope it does…

Take recently for instance. I am printing off resumes, or actually, I am trying to print resumes and failing. Apparently, my roommate Katherine’s printer, a solid older model, is too “old” for my computer. A healthy dose of capitalism and consumerism on my Monday morning; must buy new printer. As I casually browsed the Staples website, luck was with me, a beautiful all-in-one printer on-sale for a mere thirty dollars!

Of course, I had to check with my mother (it was also her birthday, shout out to Mum) that I was not making a horrible mistake in purchasing this printer. A phone call later, my now mum-approved printer, I grabbed a panier, a large (or so I thought) backpack and hopped on my bike. Soon, I was happily the owner of the aforementioned printer. However, I had a teeny problem. Or make that a massive problem. The printer did not fit in either of my bags!

My phone call to Levi, my other roommate went something like this, “Hi Levi, I’ve made a big mistake… Can you please pick me up?”. So much for independence. Because Levi is a nice guy who owns a car, he had no problem coming to get me, my bike and my unpacked and hastily repacked printer. Thanks Levi! I can now print my resumes trouble free.

On the skiing side of things, I am thoroughly enjoying training in Thunder Bay (except if I am getting bit by mosquitos). The National Development Centre Team has been incredibly welcoming and inclusive.

Probably my main training mishap was my very first day here, on a three-hour day skate roller skiing day. I was forty-five minutes in when I ate it pretty hard on the pavement (thanks big pile of gravel) and broke my pole. Unfortunately I still had two hours and fifteen minutes left of training.  I skied back home, changed techniques and double poled the rest of the session.

Just a bit of bad luck. On the whole, Thunder Bay so far has given me awesome training partners; in NDC’s strong group of girls, refreshing training locations, experienced, caring coaching staff and an active ski community. I am looking forward to seeing what more is in store here for me.



Last day in Van! Glad my Swedish friend Freya was there to catch the view of UBC from Eagle Bluffs, just before the fog rolled in!

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